Black Onyx Pendant
Black onyx is found in many locations in Tasmania. We source ours from an outcrop near Great Lake in the Central Highlands

Located on the Channel Highway in the rustic village of Woodbridge in southern Tasmania, this quaint little art and craft gallery is right next to the popular Peppermint Bay Hotel, the gallery is only 30 minutes drive from Hobart and only 15 minutes from Cygnet and part of the well known "Huon Trail" that makes a long return loop from Hobart.

Owned and operated by artist Jan Jefferys and her husband, scupltor and writer, Greg Jefferys, the gallery features art work by Jan Jefferys BA & MA (Visual Arts) and her son Lachlan Jefferys BA Hons (Visual Arts) as well as sculptures by Greg and other local artists and crafts people.

As well as paintings and sculptures the Jefferys family also makes jewelry from Tasmanian gemstones, including pendants, necklaces and rings. Greg and Jan go out into the Tasmanian bush to find the raw gem material themselves. Included with the jewellery are many raw gemstone specimums for the gem collector and an excellent range of Tasmanian fossils, also collected by Greg and Jan from local deposits.

Whilst they specialise in jewelry made from Tasmanian gemstones such as stichtite serpentine (also known as Atlantisite) they also have a range of gem stones from around the world. Their Tasmanian collection includes a range of attractive Tasmanian agates, common opal from around Bothwell and Ross, jade from the west coast and black onyx from near Great Lake. All is set in sterling silver.
Excluse, handcrafted Tasmanian gemstones
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Tasmanian gemstone jewelry wholesale prices

If you have a retail business and would like wholesale prices for Altantisite and other Tasmanian gemstones please contact us by email for a complete list of prices. Generally we sell pendants and rings made from Tasmanian gemstones by their weight, that is a per gram price for pendants and rings. Rings are more expensive than pendants because of there is more silver in the total weight of the item.

Start Up Display Package
For new customers we currently offer a start up pack of 16 pendants (four of each stone) at $15 per pendant (total $240) and a complimentary display stand made from Tasmanian sassafras.
Stichtite Serpentine (Atlantisite) Pendant with sterling silver setting
Stichtite Serpentine Pendant raw stone with sterling silver clasp: click here for online sales of stichtite serpentine
  Lace agate pendant with sterling silver setting
Tasmanian common opal pendant with sterling silver setting, from near Bothwell in the Midlands
Tasmanian Gemstones Retail Sales
For a list of retail stores that stock our products please click the link above. For online sales of stichtite jewelry and other Tasmanian gemstones, please click the link below
Woodbridge Art and Craft Gallery is a family owned gallery show casing jewellery made from Tasmanian gemstones as well as local arts & crafts. Located next to the famous Peppermint Bay Hotel and an easy half hour drive from Hobart it makes a lovely day trip from Hobart.

Tasmanian Jade

We are in the process of designing and manufacturing jewelry from recently discovered Tasmanian Jade which we have only just found during an expedition to the wild West Coast of Tasmania. We have just polished a few pieces of Tasmanian jade, which is a mottled green jade and quite lovely.

We are very excited about this discovery and will post images of the Tasmanian Jade jewelry as soon as we have completed some pieces.

Tasmanian jade is found on the west coast of Tasmania near the old mining town of Zeehan