Black Onyx Pendant
Black onyx is found in many locations in Tasmania. We source ours from an outcrop near Great Lake in the Central Highlands is a family business based in southern Tasmania. We sell to the wholesale market in Tasmania and mainland Australia. If you have a shop or other form of retail outlet we would love to show you our a wide range of Tasmanian gemstones handcrafted into beautiful pendants and rings direct from the manufacturer.

Not only do we make all our jewelry we also go out into the Tasmanian bush and find the raw materials ourselves.

We specialise in jewelry made from Tasmanian stichtite serpentine and are always searching for new and interesting Tasmanian gem stones. These include a range of attractive Tasmanian agates, common opal from around Bothwell and Ross and black onyx from near Great Lake. All our jewelry is set in sterling silver.
Excluse, handcrafted Tasmanian gemstones
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Tasmanian gemstone jewelry wholesale prices

Please contact us by email for a complete list of prices. Generally we sell pendants and rings made from Tasmanian gemstones by their weight, that is a per gram price for pendants and rings. Rings are more expensive than pendants because of there is more silver in the total weight of the item.

Start Up Display Package
For new customers we currently offer a start up pack of 16 pendants (four of each stone) at $15 per pendant (total $240) and a complimentary display stand made from Tasmanian sassafras.
Stichtite Serpentine Pendant with sterling silver setting
Stichtite Serpentine Pendant raw stone with sterling silver clasp
  Lace agate pendant with sterling silver setting
Common opal pendant with sterling silver setting
Tasmanian Gemstones Retail Sales
For a list of retail stores that stock our products please click the link above. For online sales of stichtite jewelry and other Tasmanian gemstones, please click the link below